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Collected For You

From reflecting on 4th of July celebrations to a new cocktail to my repertoire (thanks to @food52 and @apartmentbartender) to swimsuits that may just fit and make me stand out (@BFyne), here are some things that caught my attention online lately:

image0 (3)

As a Black American (notice that “Black” is capitalized), I reflected on what the 4th of July meant to me years ago. I’m glad that it is finally a mainstream discussion for everyone

A whole mood. You could never (neither could I)

Guys, a cognac old fashion recipe. I’m Southern so, you know, excitement over here

Exactly what has Black History Month taught us because I didn’t know half this stuff

I’m a fan of The Bold Type; mainly because I wish I was a cool 20-something urbanite living in New York City working at fashion magazine and I want all their clothes (it’s the SATC fantasy all over again). But also because I can often relate

Do you know your love language? Well you can also use to self-care

As a black woman with the curves of a stereotypical black woman (booty and all), I find it hard to bathing suit bottoms. Wish me luck

I have decided every 1-2 years I would dedicate myself to working on behalf of a nonprofit: 2020 is for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

I wish I looked half as cool in a hat as any of these folks

What life have I been living because I frequently drink mimosas but I have never heard of a mimosa board before

[Photo credit: @BFyne]

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