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An Actor Lusted After

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I guess I’m just an outlier to just about every other woman in the world. I remember that this conversation really came up with friends of mine around the time Idris was named People’s Sexiest Man of the Year in 2018 (we tend to always get into heavy debates every time this People issue comes out) and it has persisted. Some have lusted after him since The Wire. There weren’t deterred when he turned DJ. Others argued how incredible he would look in a suit romancing women as the next James Bond (I have many thoughts on this one that I may get into at a later date). For me, though he’s just non-sexual, albeit attractive, uncle-like person. Like one of my late uncles.

I’m a huge fan of the podcast Thirst Aid Kit, one of the only maybe 4 podcasts I’ve ever listened to in my life. And of the two black female journalist that host this podcast, which spotlights celebrity lust objectives, I’ve always felt I had a certain kinship with British Nigerian Bim Adewumi. She lives inside my head (or I live inside of hers). Nothing demonstrated this more than in the episode “Back to Baesics”, when I heard Bim say this (at the 11:15 minute mark if you don’t believe me and you want to verify, lol):

“I want to move on to someone else who seem to make women just lose lose their sh*t. Women just die for this guys, and I… don’t… quite get it for a few reasons. Yeah.. it’s Idris Elba. I simply can’t fancy Idris Elba because he reminds me of so many of my uncles. I can’t fancy him”

My opinion was validated! She literally said exactly what I had been thinking for years and expressed it with the same exact fervor that I have on so very many occasions. Bim is truly my spirit animal, guys.

There has got to be more than this one person in the world that feels the same what that I do. Anyone??

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