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Collected for You

From best practices to grow your succulents indoor to self-care for introverts to arming yourself with knowledge about clinical trials for COVID-19, here are 10 things that caught my attention online lately collected for you:


Seeing that I have killed a succulent in my plant mom-ing (something that I didn’t think was possible), I need to memorize this If I’m ever invited to a Nigerian potluck (I’ll let you know if that ever happens post-COVID), this is what I’m making

I’m going to try the Pomodoro Technique going forward in my quest to be more productive. Anyone tried it?

Hair Love, the Oscar-winning short film about natural hair acceptance, is coming to premium television. So happy about this

Introverts, that includes me, need intensive self-care; here’s how to ensure you get it

Adobo! #Goyaway. Make your own adobo instead or buy from a less problematic company supporting the BIPOC community. Seriously, I never even heard of adobo seasoning until I started following IG chefs (so the question is, am i seasoning my food correctly?)

As a trained scientist, I’m irked about the conversations I have seen on social media about concerns about vaccinations. It’s important to stay knowledgeable about COVID-19 and clinical trials during the pandemic

Natural Museum of African American History and Culture, check. Some many amazing Black history and art institutions still to visit

While you were going about your day, The Conscious Kid was donating 100s of thousands of dollars to families in their COVID-19 Rent Relief fund. Amazing. Follow their progress on their IG

Actress Aisha Dee addresses diversity and her experiences as a biracial cast member on her show The Bold Type on IG and continues to people one of my favorite people I haven’t met in the world

[Photo credit: me!! my lovely window sill with some of my plant babies from @thesill]

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