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3 Black Artists on Instagram I’m Digging (And So Should You)

Since I remain quarantined in my home (still), I’m committing myself to upping my home decor game. For me September will be ‘wake up my blank walls’ month intersecting with ‘support an independent black artist’ month. I don’t have to go far; there are a number of artists I follow and stan on my instagram feed, which I have curated t…. I’m just getting my coins together so I can really support. In the meantime, I’m spreading the word on these great artists.

the lettering artist

His motto: I draw words and I make things to help people feel good and feel heard.

1. Protect Your Energy | 2. Bruh | 3. Lookin’ Ass

the illustrator

Her words: She offers art with modern edge, feminine hues and intentional lines that captures women in solidarity and unity. The inspiration of her work stems from her belief in being surrounded by extraordinary people and beautiful things that ignites confidence and authenticity.

1. Poppy Bloom | 2. You Are Queen | 3. The Women

the concept artist

His words: He is focused on creating captivating art that can spark important conversations in today’s world and inspire meaningful change.

1. King Chad | 2. Good Trouble (companion post: Rep. John Lewis (1940-2020): Good Trouble) | 3. Reflect

Go on to IG and give these artists some love. If you patronize their online shops, shout me out on IG (@curating.stories) and let me know what you bought! I would love to see.

Side note: As art takes many forms, if you’re trying to find some mood music, take a peak at 5 songs I currently have on repeat.


  1. lydiajoy7 says

    Amazing work, I really liked the work of @ nikkolas_smith, the message is very important.Thanks for sharing.


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