If you’re single for Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t feel left out of this day. I’ve been single for most of my adult life, and Valentine’s Day is by far one of my favorite days of the year. Why? Because Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love in all forms, including love of friends and family and of course self love so do what makes you happy. Treat yourself this solo Valentine’s day. Life shouldn’t entail waiting to celebrate love only when you’re with someone, but embracing that loving is the best part of being alive.

You can still pair up even if it’s a solo Valentine’s Day. Below 5 creative pairings to treat yourself and celebrate the very best of Valentine’s day.

Movie & Drinks

Nothing beats curling up with some luxurious pajama, pouring a glass of your libation of choice, and turning on a really great romantic film in order to laugh, cry, and be moved in how love is interrupted onscreen.

Having a solo Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you should be anti-romantic love and appreciate seeing the joys of romantic couplings on screen. Better yet, do a movie marathon with a theme (think: the best rom-coms of the last decade or the best romantic film sequels). This is often my go-to and it never disappoints.

Romantic Movie Suggestions for You:

To All the Boys (…I Loved Before [x]) (…P.S. I Still Love You [x]) (…Always And Forever [x])
Before Sunrise/Before Sunset (x/x)
13 Going on 30 (x)
Crazy Rich Asians (x)
Love Jones (x)
The Notebook (x)
Wimbledon (x)
Pride & Prejudice (x)
Letters to Juliet (x)
Brown Sugar (x)

So pick up ingredients for your favorite cocktail (try: blueberry fizz cocktail or the raspberry red martini) or splurge on a great wine (think: top shelf Chianti from Tuscany or a nice Argentinian Malbec). You can even knock back a Hennessy neat (hey, I”m not here to judge). No need to have a partner to do that.

Hotel Night & Room Service

Take a spontaneous hotel staycation; pack your overnight bag with necessities and check in for the day to that nice boutique or luxury hotel you town that you always thought was beautiful and a great place to spend a special occasion (a solo Valentine’s Day counts!) It would offer excitement of a new place and alot of amazing amenities to take advantage of. So recharge and relax and let the hotel staff take care of you.

Hotel Staycation Services To Partake In:

Welcome drinks on your arrival
Welcome sweets such as macaroons or chocolates
Turndown service & luxury bedding
Butler and room services
A bottle of wine or champagne (don’t forget, mini-bar!)
Hotel spa and services

Candles & Steamy Bath

Gather some essentials to create a relaxing night time routine, draw a bath and self-care with alittle spa for yourself in your own bathroom. All you need are listed below. It’s all about pampering yourself and going the extra mile on this day. It’s also all about ambiance so light candles to surround your bath.

Anatomy of an At-Home Spa Night:

Bath bombs or scented salts
Bubble bath
Bath pillow
Essential oils
CBD oil-infused candle
Hydrating face mask

Appreciation Notes & Care Packages

solo Valentine's Day card from loved one

It’s all about self-love so consider throwing some positive affirmations your way by writing a little note to self about how far you’ve come in your life and all that you have to be thankful for.

With our busy lives, it’s also easy to lose touch with loved ones and the special people who have added to our lives. Give your attention toward those who have shown you love in other ways (eg, close childhood friends who you through awkward childhood years, family members who supported you through difficult moments, neighbors who take care of your home when you’re away, coworkers who have your back at work). If you’re going solo for Valentine’s Day, take the opportunity to catch-up with them and show your love and appreciation. Write affirming notes on store-bought greeting cards or even design and make homemade cards for a memorable touch.

Better yet, curate and assemble some care packages for them. Sending a surprise package can do so much to express your fondness and regard for someone.

Ideas for Care Package Items:

Gift basket with tea and coffee products
Books with a homemade bookmark
Personalized stationary and paper goods
Gourmet food baskets
Themed playlist and puzzles
Skincare sets

Flowers & Baking

Patronize one of your local florist this Valentine’s Day and pick out some of your favorite flowers. Craft our own beautiful arrangement for your dining room table, coffee table, or entry way. It would be a great way to brighten your home and your day.

And with that, do alittle baking (that’s what is in my plans!) to also sweeten your day. Make it delicious. Don’t forget to use heart-shaped cookie cutters, heart sprinkles, and plenty of red or pink colored frosting. You can be cliché, it’s all in good fun to celebrate the day. If you’re like me and don’t want to keep too many goodies sitting around begging to be eaten, bag some treats up and gift to friends, family, neighborhood, or anyone in your community. Again, think spreading love in all forms.

Baking Treat Favorites:

Blood orange cardamom cake (x)
Heart rice crispy treats dipped in white chocolate (x)
Strawberry cheesecake (x)
Raspberry-buttermilk sheet cake (x)

See, a solo Valentine’s Day can be just as lovely as one with a partner. Who’s single? How are you spending your Valentine’s Day? What’s the best greeting card you’ve ever gotten from a loved one?