Author: Shala

Best Director of All Time

If we are to get along than you must understand that Memento has been my favorite movie since I saw it at my movie marathon party in my college dorm suite for my 21st birthday The Dark Knight is the only Batman I acknowledge, and Dunkirk is the only thing on screen war-related that I have ever (and will ever) love.

Collected For You

From reflecting on 4th of July celebrations to a new cocktail to my repertoire (thanks to @food52 and @apartmentbartender) to swimsuits that may just fit and make me stand out (@BFyne), here are some things that caught my attention online lately

On Cancer Nonprofit Fundraising

I began 2020 with a goal of striving to become like those I’ve always admired: bold, philanthropic, and action oriented. Woman like Michelle Obama and Ava DuVernay. My drive to accomplish this led me to LLS and a wonderful opportunity to do some advocacy and charity work to benefit some of those most vulnerable to COVID-19 while I was in quarantine during the pandemic.