Hey there! Starting a new (Saturday) series called “Right Now, I’m Loving”, a revival of sorts of a blog series I did when I was film writing many years back. It’s a list of all the things that have garnered my attention (and devotion) in the past week, hitting on my blog niche of relationships (love of self, of friend/family, of a partner), culture (the arts and influence by people of color), and activism (promotion of civil and human rights).

Hope you’re having a great start of your weekend. If you have been following my instagram stories, you know this has been a very rough week for me career-wise. I got to the point that mid-week I hit the metaphorical wall and physically was unable to do anything but crawl into bed. I have been searching feverishly to find ways to destress. Did find this great post from blessthemessy – I’m on the getting sleep (I’m going all in for at least 8 hours/night) and unplugging/disconnecting (no television or outings for me this weekend, just being alone with my thoughts, reading and writing) parts. Got any tips? Tell me all the secrets.

I have a great appreciation for those of you juggling your career while keeping a relationship going and kids alive. I have none of those things (it’s just me!), and it’s a daily struggle.

On a brighter note, let’s get into my list. There’s some great stuff on here that I want to share:

Riz Ahmed

» It all started for me in Riz Ahmed‘s standout performance in the political thriller The Reluctant Fundamentalist, it continued for me with his work as one half of an unforgettable skeezy duo alongside Jake Gyllenhaal the in thriller neo-noir Nightcrawler and it currently resides in his quietly emotional performance as a self-destructing musician in The Sound of Metal.

I’m just now making my way back to my local independent theater (how I missed it) and was so glad I caught this one brought to my attention by a friend. In The Sound of Metal, Riz plays a heavy-metal drummer whose life (and current sobriety) is thrown into freefall when he begins to lose his hearing. Riz seems to commit so deeply to this journey of loss, denial, false hope, and reflection of being an artist whose very art is leaving him permanently damaged; his performance is mesmerizing to watch. A critic review from IndieWire notes that “Ahmed’s brilliant performance coasts on a complex soundscape that resonates even in total silence.” I agree.

NPR’s tiny desk concerts

Lianne LaHavas tiny desk concert music

» If your fave musician can’t sing acoustic, throw them back. I recently fell down a YouTube rabbit hole of tiny desk concerts, a video series of live concerts that has been one of the main reasons I have discovered some new artists. Many of are just my speed – throwback neosoul and contemporary pop-soul. I just start one video and see where it take me. Take a listen to some of the best tiny desk concerts (according to me):
Erykah Badu | Lianne La Havas (pictured above)| Adele | Chloe x Halle | Lizzo

The online self-care community
Curious Tribe

curious tribe justin shiels

» I stumbled upon the Curious Tribe IG a few months ago when I was resurrecting my blogging and creating this new blog. I started following some creatives, looking for inspiration myself (also, wishing I actually had the talent to be a creative) and came across a shared post from Curious Tribe. I quickly followed and recently I subscribed to the weekly emails.

I so dug the bold colors, the graphics, the inspirational content, the vibe, the motivational messages, the community building, the joy. Founded by Justin Shiels, a Creative Director at an agency in Austin by day, Curious Tribe is “an inclusive self care community designed for meaningful human experiences” with the goal “to help people live a happier and healthier life.” Give it a follow; you won’t regret it.

Getting the clinical blueprint off the ground

» After seeing all the misinformation, confusion, and lack of medical and clinical science knowledge from folks this year on social media platforms about COVID and clinical trials, I decided that I wanted to do what I could to promote adult clinical science literacy as an oncology PhD and medical communication specialist. the clinical blueprint is a simple guide to deconstructing clinical science concepts and topics to help people critically assess news stories on clinical research. Interested in receiving a one time FREE email drop/digital download with educational resources? Subscribe. Please spread the word!

Photo essay: Everyday black couples loving each other

everyday black couples loving each other

» A tumblr blog collected pictures of black couples doing everyday things and showing their love of life and each other. This photo essay is lovely. I’m perpetually single myself and as hard as it is out here in the dating world, trying to get chosen as a (dark-skin) Black woman especially, it’s heartwarming to know that Black love (of a Black woman) is alive and well. See more photos here (including original sources and photo credits).

Alex Elle’s advocacy of self-love and my response

» Alexandra Elle, a published author and poet who focuses on holistic healing and self-care, has become a favorite of mine on IG because of her profound writing prompts, affirmations, and notes to self. She asked in a recent IG post, “As we start to close out the year, what are you leaving in 2020?” I responded with an IG post of my own. In 2021, I want to let go of the fear of note being good enough, and all the waiting that comes with it. I want to leave in 2020 the need to wait for good things to happen but rather embrace that good things have already happened.

curating stories reader comments:

» On Do you regularly hug your friends?:

Sam – “I am, like you, very much a hugger of all my friends! It’s so weird having gone so long without hugging any of them. It’s weird now of seeing characters in TV shows / films hugging (filmed pre COVID) and makes me surprised every time!”

Nathalia – “My love language is physical touch so I am DEFINITELY a hugger. This may also be why I love activities like acro yoga so much. I hug family, friends, I even hugged professors at my college graduation ceremonies on stage in front of everyone while other graduates mostly shook hands 🙂”

Kate – “I am definitely a hugger!! My family is big into hugs which has been hard during covid. I don’t have a lot of friends that seem to like hugs so I try to make my husband give them often!! 🙂 my dad grew up without hugs until college and like you he became big on hugs afterwards!!!”

Until next time…
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