5 Desserts I Would Bake If I Actually Had Someone to Bake For

I love to bake. Cooking, no; baking, yes. It may be because I’m a scientist, and I like that being successful at baking doesn’t rely on putting a seasoned spin on a recipe but on following it precisely to a tee. Here are 5 desserts on my go-to arsenal for you to forth with and bake (when I actually had someone to bake for) – on the blog (link in bio).

Coffee Table Book Search

I bought new coffee table books! Since I’m stuck at home during quarantine I decided to really focus on decorating on loft condo (been neglecting my home for the 5 years I’ve been here!) by bringing in some color and fine tuning my style.

Collected for You

From best practices to grow your succulents indoor to self-care for introverts to arming yourself with knowledge about clinical trials for COVID-19, here are 10 things that caught my attention online lately collected for you

An Actor Lusted After

For me, though he’s just non-sexual, albeit attractive, uncle-like person. Like one of my late uncles.

Best Director of All Time

If we are to get along than you must understand that Memento has been my favorite movie since I saw it at my movie marathon party in my college dorm suite for my 21st birthday The Dark Knight is the only Batman I acknowledge, and Dunkirk is the only thing on screen war-related that I have ever (and will ever) love.

Collected For You

From reflecting on 4th of July celebrations to a new cocktail to my repertoire (thanks to @food52 and @apartmentbartender) to swimsuits that may just fit and make me stand out (@BFyne), here are some things that caught my attention online lately